The Team

Alan Hopkins President Alan is currently working as a public servant on electricity markets. He has had a wide variety of life experiences and jobs, including working in a factory making whiskey bottles, mountain footpath repair in the Scottish mountains, professional chef and Treasury official.

Outside of work Alan enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee, watching bad (and occasionally good) sci-fi, cooking and collecting stamps. He lives with his partner Emma opposite his favourite venue in Canberra - the farmers market.
Wendy Russell Vice President Wendy grew up in Qld and has spent far too long at university. She came to Canberra ten years ago to be with her partner, Jack. They are now settled and have a daughter, Clare, a Canberran born and bred.

Wendy appreciates the importance of community for families, especially with no extended family nearby. She really values the inclusiveness, diversity and warmth of Sunday Assembly.

Wendy has a personal and scholarly interest in inclusion and democracy and plans to bring her skills in dialogue and deliberation to help strengthen the Sunday Assembly community.
Broderick Proeger Treasurer Originally hailing from Melbourne, Broderick moved to Canberra in 2012, and quickly came to love all that our nation's capital has to offer. He can often be found cycling along the city's bike paths, exploring the galleries, tending his garden, or exercising his cooking skills.

Broderick has been a member of the Sunday Assembly Canberra community since early 2014, and currently runs the Slow Food group. Broderick has decided to take on the role of Treasurer in 2016-17 to help the community achieve its goal of sustainable growth.
Belinda Cranston Content co-Coordinator; Belinda Cranston is a journalist and writer with a passion for making short films. She currently works in the not-for-profit sector, and hopes to complete her first novel in 2017. CRANSTON-Belinda.jpg
Maxie Hanft Music Co-Lead Maxie moved to Canberra for uni, the cycle paths and hearty political debates. Maxie became involved with Sunday Assembly through the choir and loves to sing along, explore musical history and ensure that the Assembly is a fun and inclusive place. maxi.jpg
Stuart McMillen Content co-Coordinator; Groups Coordinator; Membership Coordinator;
Stuart McMillen helps to curate the content for the month's main assembly. He also coordinates the various Sunday Assembly Canberra groups, If you are wanting to start or join a group, please talk to Stuart.

By day Stuart is a comics artist, publishing non-fiction comics about social issues involving science, ecology, sustainability, psychology and economics.

Besides volunteering with Sunday Assembly Canberra, Stuart also coordinates Green Drinks Canberra and volunteers with Australian Science Communicators ACT Branch.
Bill Browne Secretary; Media Lead (temporary) Bill was born and raised in the Blue Mountains, but came to Canberra in 2008 to study and hasn't looked back. He's been a firm fan of Sunday Assembly Canberra since it launched, and enjoys the cross-section it presents: old and young, born Canberrans and new chums, and southsiders and northsiders.  
Emma Hall Volunteer Coordinator Emma moved to Canberra with her husband and two children in 2005.  She works as a software developer and in her spare time she watches films, reads, gardens and goes geocaching.

Emma has also lived in Melbourne, Auckland, Hamilton, Taranaki, the far North of New Zealand and Wickwar but she is very settled in Canberra.  Emma's children are now teenagers giving Emma the opportunity to get out and enjoy Sunday Assembly.


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