Almost every kid in the 90's watched The Simpsons and is familiar with the song-and-dance salesman who duped Springfield into buying a Monorail.


Canberra is no Springfield. While we are embarking on our most ambitious public transport investment in our city's history, there are marked differences. Our project has costed, consulted, tendered, sponsored and invested in by the Federal Government and is about to start construction. It was an election commitment of the current ACT Government and yet many Canberran's remain unconvinced. Given this will be a major issue in the ACT election (on October 15) it is worth getting a better understanding. 

So who better to do it then a representative from the Capital Metro itself, Ms Emma Thomas! 

And while Emma might not bring the song-and-dance, our SA Choir certainly will! :)

Hope you can join us!

Date: Sunday 21 August 
Time: 2.30pm - 3:45pm, followed by tea and cake!
Venue: Majura Hall, 2 Rosevear Pl, Dickson

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