Death and Renewal

Death is just around the corner

In September we will talk about a subject that is uncomfortable and confronting. But it doesn't have to be. We will be opening the (crypt) door to the theme of Death, and hearing from a man all to familiar with the subject, (Dr) Philip Nitschke, who helped bring in the first voluntary euthanasia laws in the world. 

Philip Nitschke at Sunday Assembly Canberra 2016

With death comes renewal.  

SA Organising Committee change-over. 

So it is with a heavy heart that many of the Organising Committee members of the Sunday Assembly will conclude their terms. A few members have been involved from the very start and recognised it is time move on.

So after the September Assembly we will have our SA Canberra AGM. For those who would like to step up to an organising role - this is your window of opportunity. We will do a separate email on the OC opportunities and the AGM so stayed tuned. In the meantime get in touch with Richie directly if you want more info or have any questions (at

For the SA to continue into 2017 we will definitely be looking to quite a few of you to step up.
Richie, on behalf of SA Canberra 
Sunday Assembly Canberra
Twitter: @CanberraSA
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  • Wendy Russell
    commented 2016-08-26 13:50:03 +1000
    Hi Richie,

    This was sad news, and worrying for some of us, wondering how Sunday Assembly will be sustained. I think we all accept that you guys did a great job for a long time and you’re ready to move on, but what will this sudden mass migration mean for SA Canberra? Obviously, we hope it will be renewal, not death.

    I’m also wondering about the decision to move the AGM forward a month. It doesn’t leave much time for members to consider, discuss and organise to get a new and functional organising committee up and running. Could we perhaps have some kind of transition arrangement over September and October, to give time for this?

    I’d be interested in what others think.


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